Friday, March 3, 2017

Made in Japan

“ Hi Nana?” I said sweetly
“Yes? Hello Berlyn I have missed talking to you ” she answered slowly and sleepily.
“Me too, so I understand that you are an interesting  woman.” I told her
“Yes okay and...?” she giggled
“I’d like to interview you.” I asked
Her voice suddenly lit up with excitement “Well that would be great!”
I hadn't talked since I was nine.
“Alright let's jump right into it……… umm.” I scrambled to find a working pencil on my messy desk which then caused me to drop my phone.
“ Is everything alright dear?” My nana asked in a worried tone.
“Uh….. YES!” I shouted, I found a pencil.
“Hi, hi, sorry, Interview right, my first question for you is What is one thing you miss from your childhood?” I questioned
“If you can remember , NOT saying you're old or anything.” I stumbled.
“Being a kid.” she said in a soft, kind voice.
I imagined her gazing off into the distance with a look on her face as if she was lovingly staring at something beautiful.
“I miss not having as much responsibility, being carefree and fun.”
She began to explain how when she was young she would build forts with her older brother Mike and younger sister Melodie on rainy days and how she fit in with her family even though she was different.

My Nana was born in Osaka, Japan November 19th 1952 just after world war two. After the war Japan was destroyed and thousands of children were put in orphanages, and my Nana was one of those thousands of children. Then a man named Joseph Thompson had changed my NaNa’s life dramatically. Lieutenant colonel Thompson was in the american air force, he had taken on the job to promote a program that encouraged U.S G.I’s (general issue) to adopt children from an orphanage near the air force base where he was stationed.
When Joseph was at the orphanage it was completely full a little over 100 children were in this small home, a woman at the orphanage handed joseph  the noisiest baby in the home but her crying had dwindled at the sight of this man, her name was Chiyoko meaning “little one” in japanese. Joseph had instantly fallen in love with this baby girl and even though he was going to find children for other families he had come home with one of his own and her name would now be Rebecca Thompson.
“So Nana This brings me to my second question, How was school when you were growing up?“
“Since my father was in the air force we moved every other year to a new town and a new school and I have lived all other the country because he would get reassigned to different air force stations.”
Back in the 60’s when my nana was growing up she had lived in many towns in California, all of these places were fairly warm but she had also lived in cold places up in the North.  during winter  in the north it's not very cold and snowed but because this was back in the 60s girls were only allowed to wear dresses,  even in 3 feet of snow she still had to wear her dress. My Nana hated moving and would rather live in one place and stay with all of her friends. Growing up my Nana had no trouble making friends the only hard part was moving away and trying to keep in keep in touch, there were no cell phones to just send a text or a call so the only way was mail.
“After a certain point you know you will leave but you just try to have fun while you're with them and live in the moment.”
As well as losing friends and having to wear dresses in the cold my Nana also struggled to catch up with the different work at every new school.
“Each time it was a new school came a new textbook,  new teachers to get to know, and a new campus. All this was very frustrating to learn and get used to.”
The most time she had ever lived in one town was four years in southern California, it felt most like home and that’s why she chose to remain here today.
“Well other than you moving was there any other difficult times you overcame in your life?”
“You’re uncle, Mitch, I had him very young my senior year.” her voice started to shake.
“I wanted to give him up for adoption having hope knowing I grew up with a wonderful family and that he could have a great family too.”

She described to me the feelings she had about being adopted and how she loved her family but she always wondered what her mother was like. She couldn't give him up, she couldn’t have him wonder why she gave him up the thought of him always being clueless about his real mother killed her so she kept him, and soon after him came my dad and she loved both her boys and cared for them thoroughly.
“Okie dokie next question.  What was the most significant change in your life?” I questioned while rapidly pushing the button on my pencil waiting for lead to appear.
“Being adopted and brought to a whole new country. I know I was only ten months old but my life would be completely different if I wasn't.” She answered sternly.

Being half Japanese growing up after world war two in america wasn't always easy for her, most people had a hard time accepting her.
“Things have changed a lot in the past twenty years, people are more open to diversity.”
Although there was some unaccepting people she rarely was bullied, But her family were so supportive of her and loved her unconditionally.
“When I was on spring break in high school I went to visit my cousins, I was with my cousin Jeri and her boyfriend getting food at the supermarket when he had called me a “jap”.  I hadn't taken too much offense to this but Jeri was furious she got so mad that she punched him in the face and gave him a black eye. That was the last I saw of him.”
Her family had never paid much attention to the fact that she was adopted, sometimes they even forgot about it.

“So you are definitely close with your family but is there on specific family member that you don’t necessarily favorite but connect with better or more?” I tentatively questioned
“My dad, although I love my mom and siblings my dad was the one who fell in love with me and chose me out of thousands of children, he’s the one who brought me into a new country and providing me with a new wonderful life.”
My great grandfather died  almost 20 years ago but he was a fantastic person, he had served his country for several year and loved and cared for his family. He had brought home a hopeless little orphan home without even asking his wife, he just fell in love and provided an amazing life for this ten month old baby and if it wasn't for him bring her home I might not even be here.  
“Sounds like you had an awesome life with a very supportive family. Besides the traveling and moving you had to endure, is was there anything you would change” I questioned.
“Uhhh… I can’t think of anything, I mean life for sure has it’s challenges but they all lead to something great, all things lead to a brighter side.” She wisely stated her opinion in ways that made me feel much more optimistic.
“Alrighty thanks for the interview, I will talk to you later” I said graciously
My Nana is an amazing person with great love, stamina, and optimism. She is one person I love and look up to and hope to do great things just like her.

Word count:1338
Font size: 14

Family Members Names  
Nana: (Japanese) Chioko Takahashi
(American maiden name) Rebecca (Becki) Thompson
(name today) Rebecca Ellsworth= Age 64
Great grandpa: Joseph Thompson=died 1992
Great grandma: Kimie Thompson~pronounced ky-me=Age 89
Great uncle: Mike Thompson= Age: 67
Great aunt: Melodie Thompson= Age:62

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What's behind a jellyfish sting?

You may know to stay away from the odd creature,the jellyfish, because of their sting but did you ever know why? Well here how it happens. Jellyfish have long sometimes flowy tentacles and each tentacle is covered in thousands  of cells called cnidoblats, and inside those cells there is nematocyts that have stinging threads. When a tentacle is brushed up against any object the stinging thread uncoils inside the nematocyts causing the stinging cells to shoot out  and firing venom. This venom is designed to paralyze the jellyfishes victim the type of venom is called neurotoxin.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Jellyfish what are they?

Jellyfish as you know they are crazy looking creatures that sting and roam the sea but did you know that jellyfish have no brain? Jellyfish  not only have no brain but have no  blood or heart.
These elegant creatures are actually quite simple they have three layers, the outer layer is called the epidermis. The middle layer is called the mesogelea: a elastic jelly like substance.finally the inner layer called the gastrotermis. As for seeing, smelling and responding to other stimuli they have An elementary nervous system. These are the tings that make up jellyfish.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The art of science

This book has many sections about different scientific things teaching you a little about them then telling you how you can learn more by taking matters into your own hands doing "tinkering" or mini experiments.
I think this is different from other books because not all books will tell you a little about the topic then send you off on your own. In some ways this book encourages you to learn on your own and expanding your creativity. Creativity is not only for kids but for adults as well, therefor this book can teach all kinds of people at any age 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Branded predictions

 Branded is a very confusing book like I said  in my previous blogs and it definitely has some confusing parts. So I decided to make some predictions about some of these confusing twists and turns. 
1. I think that slowly Jessica's dreams will turn into reality .
2. One of my other predictions would be that the  branding symbol which is the X is supposed  to be Roman numerals. 
3. Jessica mentions that they always turn her to torture they being the judger's in her dreams I think that in the next dreams they will turn her to freedom instead.
1 my reasonings for number one would be that because she woke up from her first dream with the Brandon Mark still on her back with scars and her bright pink shoulders means that her dreams are real and they will slowly become more and more true in reality.
2. My reasonings for number two would be that because of the  Jessica describing her surroundings makes it seem like they are in ancient times  so this could mean they are in  Times when the Roman empire but strong along with the Roman way of numbers. final reasonings for my predictions on number three would be that just because there are so many twists to this book I am guessing that in her next dreams they will become less  brutal.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The nightmare

Tonight I have read more of Branded hoping to find answers from my previous post.Last night I predicted that the character was a girl from how well and deatailed the emotion was showed and I was correct, but I was incorrect about the name. Jessica is the name which is a fairly common name which would make me incorrect for guessing an exotic name 
2.I also wanted to know where Jessica was by the lake in the beginning of the story but so far we are still in Jessica's dream and have no information about where she is
3.another question I had was why is sleeping  torture to Jessica and my prediction was that she had bad dreams and I was correct. Every night when Jessica sleeps she dreams of this different world where she is taken into a room and people vote whether she is  tortured or left alone and 99% of the time they vote her to be branded( tortured) .

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I am now reading a new books called Branded by Keary Taylor. So far this book is very confusing it  definitely gets me thinking so I have some questions for the author.
1. Where is our main character?
2. What is their name?
3. Is it a girl or boy?
4. Why is sleeping  torture?
I also have some thoughts and estimates for each one of those questions.
1.the story starts out with the character by a lake telling us he had been up for 108 hours then later they tell us they head back to the cabin where they had been the caretaker of for an elderly couple. There is millions of lakes all other the world so it could really be anywhere.
2. So far they have not given their name but with the prediction that it is a girl then I guess by the oddness of the character they have a very exotic/ odd name
3. By the toughness of this character and extreme deatail of their emotion I assume that the character is a girl
4. The character often mentions sleeping is  torture and they haven't slept in over 100 hours. Also they mention they can't handle the judgment so as my guess I think that they have some type of O.C.D( obsessive compulsive disorder) because of their love to count every thing tjey dream of many terrible people taunting them.