Thursday, October 27, 2016

Branded predictions

 Branded is a very confusing book like I said  in my previous blogs and it definitely has some confusing parts. So I decided to make some predictions about some of these confusing twists and turns. 
1. I think that slowly Jessica's dreams will turn into reality .
2. One of my other predictions would be that the  branding symbol which is the X is supposed  to be Roman numerals. 
3. Jessica mentions that they always turn her to torture they being the judger's in her dreams I think that in the next dreams they will turn her to freedom instead.
1 my reasonings for number one would be that because she woke up from her first dream with the Brandon Mark still on her back with scars and her bright pink shoulders means that her dreams are real and they will slowly become more and more true in reality.
2. My reasonings for number two would be that because of the  Jessica describing her surroundings makes it seem like they are in ancient times  so this could mean they are in  Times when the Roman empire but strong along with the Roman way of numbers. final reasonings for my predictions on number three would be that just because there are so many twists to this book I am guessing that in her next dreams they will become less  brutal.

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