Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I am now reading a new books called Branded by Keary Taylor. So far this book is very confusing it  definitely gets me thinking so I have some questions for the author.
1. Where is our main character?
2. What is their name?
3. Is it a girl or boy?
4. Why is sleeping  torture?
I also have some thoughts and estimates for each one of those questions.
1.the story starts out with the character by a lake telling us he had been up for 108 hours then later they tell us they head back to the cabin where they had been the caretaker of for an elderly couple. There is millions of lakes all other the world so it could really be anywhere.
2. So far they have not given their name but with the prediction that it is a girl then I guess by the oddness of the character they have a very exotic/ odd name
3. By the toughness of this character and extreme deatail of their emotion I assume that the character is a girl
4. The character often mentions sleeping is  torture and they haven't slept in over 100 hours. Also they mention they can't handle the judgment so as my guess I think that they have some type of O.C.D( obsessive compulsive disorder) because of their love to count every thing tjey dream of many terrible people taunting them.

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