Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Spiderwick suspicions

I have some questions for Tony DiTerlizzi the author of The Spiderwick Chronicles. My first question was How is it that Simon (Jared twin brother) and Mallory(the twins older sister)live their normal life on the Spiderwick residence and not notice The brownies? Jared stressed about the brownies daily and hopes that those monster creatures don't get into the house. While Mallory and Simon just go on with their life thinking Jared has gone mad.
 Also Why is it that Jared the only one how knows about his great uncles  secret attic? Mallory, Simon and Jared are living in their great uncle's home with their mother until she can get back in her feet. The three children were not thrilled about the living situation,but Jared being a curious kid explores the home. During his exploration her finds an attic filled with information about the brownies and fairies. Which leads into my next question, If Jared has all this information about the brownies then why doesn't he use it against them? 

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