Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The nightmare

Tonight I have read more of Branded hoping to find answers from my previous post.Last night I predicted that the character was a girl from how well and deatailed the emotion was showed and I was correct, but I was incorrect about the name. Jessica is the name which is a fairly common name which would make me incorrect for guessing an exotic name 
2.I also wanted to know where Jessica was by the lake in the beginning of the story but so far we are still in Jessica's dream and have no information about where she is
3.another question I had was why is sleeping  torture to Jessica and my prediction was that she had bad dreams and I was correct. Every night when Jessica sleeps she dreams of this different world where she is taken into a room and people vote whether she is  tortured or left alone and 99% of the time they vote her to be branded( tortured) .

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